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FRDM-KL03Z Hello World Example, how-to make RX work?

Question asked by Steffen Norbert on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Steffen Norbert

I need some help with the above mentioned example:

When used with semi-hosting the example works as expected. However when I use the UART, TX works as expected ("Hello world") while RX does not. I slightly changed the example from echoing to printing the hex value of the received character: Results are "consistent", i.e. the same char always produces the same hex value, however I can't find a meaningful pattern: sending  e.g. '1','2','3',... one would expect to see single bit or at most double bit changes, but  most of the time to many 1-Bits are produced. BTW: a loop-back test of my USB-serial-converter does work as expected.

If the problem is not known, some hints where to find (and read) configuration parameters and error flags would be greatly appreciated.

TX, Steffen