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Running a GUI process on Second Display on Wayland/Weston

Question asked by Mustafa Ozcelikors on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Mustafa Ozcelikors

I set up iMX8 Quad Max to have two display (LVDS+HDMI), but having difficulties running an application on the secondary monitor. If the applications are windowed, I can simply drag the applications; however, I want to place two apps on two seperate displays on init process so that our product initializes automatically.


To me, there are two different methods:
(1) - Using extended weston display, and specifying which window location to spawn the application (i.e. with Qt).
(2) - Having two framebuffers, one for LVDS display, one for HDMI display, then running weston on each of them. (This I think is not supported by weston, and I am unable to create a second HDMI framebuffer using the devicetree)


Regarding (1),
I know weston does not allow its clients to modify window position and structure to some extent. How should I achieve something like this? I need either something like,

DISPLAY=:1 ./App


wmctrl .... ./App

but on Wayland.

Regarding (2),
I would appreciate suggestions on how to do this in the devicetree, and information on whether or not this is supported by weston at all.

Thanks in advance.