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SJA1105R firmware and configuration

Question asked by HRISHIKESH KARANJIKAR on Mar 21, 2019
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I am using SJA1105R automotive switch.

I am using the driver provided here sja1105x_linux_switchdev - SJA1105x Ethernet switches Linux Driver 

I generated the firmware hex file (examplePQRS_SJA1105PR.hex) and C file (examplePQRS_SJA1105PR.c) using in sw425110 Configuration-generation-tool.

I want to know how to use above files?


The generated C file has function SJA1105P_loadConfig.

However in file sja1105x_linux_switchdev/platform_independent/src/NXP_SJA1105P_configStream.c the function SJA1105P_loadConfig is already there.

Do I need to replace NXP_SJA1105P_configStream.c with examplePQRS_SJA1105PR.c?


The device tree specifies a firmware name. So I have specified examplePQRS_SJA1105PR.hex as firmware name and copied this file into /lib/firmware.


My question is if we are generating a C file using same hex file do we really need the firmware file at all?


Overall I am confused about the usage of the firmware hex file and c file.


Appreciate any kind of help.