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Possible incosistence into MPC5777C Reference Manual (Chapter 39 - IGF / Falling threshold register)

Question asked by Enrico Ferrari on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Petr Stancik

Trying Input Glitch Filter (IGF), of MPC577C, it looks like each the IGF's channels has its own IGF_FTHR register;

whereas MPC5777C Reference Manual (Document Number: MPC5777CRM / Rev. 8.1, 09/2018 - Chapter 39

Input Glitch Filter (IGF)), defines only one IGF_FTHR register per each IGF module (IGF_0 or IGF_1), see yellow marked text into  below extracts from reference manual.


I didn't find any related "errata", so I ask if really all IGF channels have proper IGF_FTHR (should be IGF_FTHRn)  register located at the address 0h base + 20h offset + (64d x i), where i=0d to 45d ?

And consequently the Reference Manual should be corrected?


Thank you,

Enrico Ferrari


39.5 Memory Map39.5.5 Falling edge Threshold Register (IGF_FTHR)