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LPC55s6x Internal Temperature Sensor conversion formula

Question asked by Clifford Baron on Mar 20, 2019
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Does anyone know if there is a sample project available for the LPC55s6x for reading the internal temperature sensor?


I have modified the lpadc_polling example based on the notes in the Users Guide section 40.7.6 and I am getting raw values back from the FIFO.   The problem is the conversion formula supplied is missing pertantant information needed to implement the conversion.  See below.   No values are given for A, B or alpha.





To convert the two temperature sensor conversion results to the on-chip temperature
1. Read the two temperature sensor conversion results from the FIFO designated by
2. The first result written by the temperature sensor command will be called delVds. The
second result is called Vds
3. An equation can be used to convert from these results into the final temperature
sensor reading: A*(alpha * delVds / (Vds + alpha * delVds)) + B