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BEMF observer(AB axis – F16) in RTCSEL Library

Question asked by Muthu S on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Pavel Sustek


For our motor control application, We are using a Back EMF observer to measure the speed of the motor. There are two types of Backemf observers(AB axis, DQ axis) are available. We need to use the observer with AB axis for our application. We found that observer(BEMF AB axis ) is not working as expected.
The problem is that the "estimated backemf voltage(sEObsrv) and estimated current (sIObsrv) are getting saturated at negative maximum value immediately and the output structure(sUnityVctr) always shows Frac16(0.707). We have set up the gain values as per given in AMCLIB user guide section 2.6.2. And we have tried with different set of gain values, still the problem continues.

Microcontroller : Kinetis MKV30VLF10P
Library : RTCSEL v4.5
Backemf Observer : AB axis (F16)



Muthu S