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iMX8MQ EVK board LPDDR4 issue

Question asked by NIRMAL LUHANA on Mar 20, 2019
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Release: Yocto-Morty (4.9.51_GA)

Board: i.MX8MQ EVK


I want to know at which frequency LPDDR4 is working on iMX8MQ EVK board?


I have downloaded LPDDR4 RPA from iMX8MQ DDR stress tool v2.1 and generated ddr_init.c & ddrphy_train.c with same configurations for 3GB DDR on iMX8MQ EVK board.



1) Using default ddr_init.c & ddrphy_train.c files in u-boot, system boot ups properly.

2) After changing ddr_init.c & ddrphy_train.c files which are generated from DDR stress tool, board boot up stuck at the kernel level. We are using the EVk only & only these two files are changed.


Can you please provide your inputs. I have attached files which I was taken as reference for DDR configurations. Also, I have attached ddr_init.c & ddrphy_train.c files which I have used for both cases.


(NOTE: Calibrations are passed successfully with these changes)