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Recovering from FLEXCAN_RxOverflow

Question asked by howardg on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by howardg

With the virgin, unmodified twrke18f_flexcan_interrupt_transfer example and a KE18 twr board I can easily overflow the CAN receiver but I cannot figure out how to recover the receiver short of doing a full reinit of the peripheral.  Overflowing (overrun is more accurate but I'm using the terminology from the awful documentation) is expected and I'd prefer to recover the receiver with something less drastic than a full peripheral reset, but that's how I'm going to have to deploy the silly thing in the absence of a solution.


It's not clear why the example code doesn't anticipate error recovery, but it doesn't. Can some kind soul please offer a patch for the example code or point me to a better example or (heaven forbid) a solution or (no way) documentation copy edited by someone with English fluency?


I wish my hardware guys would move off of the Kinetis parts.  I'm tempted to toss the boards onto their desks and make dealing with horrible documentation, half-baked examples, bloated, slow [0], constantly changing dev environment, and lousy drivers their problem. 



[0] A Xeon @ 2.7Ghz w/ 32gb, almost fully unloaded, but MCUX crawls.