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Can't enter VLPS mode inFreeRTOS by using S32SDK_S32K14x_RTM_2.0.0.

Question asked by Wenxing Zhang on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by Prasann Rawke



I am working on S32K144 in FreeRTOS, using SDK S32SDK_S32K14x_RTM_2.0.0.

I try to enter VLPS mode by calling POWER_SYS_SetMode.

Before start task scheduler, it works. But during tasks running, calling POWER_SYS_SetMode immediately returns  success (STATUS_SUCCESS) without any interrupt trigger. System can't enter VLPS Mode.

Code segment as follow:


/* A timer callback function */

void prv_on_timer( TimerHandle_t xTimer )



   /* Shut down modules */


   /* Enter VLPS mode */


   /* Setup modules */




I can achieve my purpose by operatiing registers SMC, which way I don't like...

This issue can be easily recurrent on S32K144-EVB.

When I use S32SDK_S32K14x_EAR_0.8.6,everything is OK, so I guess there has bug in power manager module of S32SDK_S32K14x_RTM_2.0.0.

Is there anyone encountering the same problem? Or is there something wrong of the way in which I use it ?

Thank you very much!