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SDK packages do not include hostlib project examples

Question asked by Ioannis Kapnisakis on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Hi all,


My issue is that I can not importing hostlib examples - Unable to perform A71CH API HOST and Configuration examples application examples. 


 I am working on a prototype project where I use the following HW:

NXP FRDM-K64F Kinetic board

OM3710/A71CHARD NXP Arduino Development Kit with a A71CHARD.


I am following the quick start guide    


During the SW set up I faced an issue while trying to import the A71CH  project examples from the installed SDK.

My board frdmK64f is detected (photo1) but then in the obtained list with the examples on SDK I do not have the se-hostlib examples (photo 2,  I can not obtain the files in the red rectangular).

I followed again the process of downloading and installing SDK package for A71CH but the issue of not reaching the  se-hostlib projects was remaining.

Then I decided to import also the A71CH  project examples from the local drive without any issue in this case.

In this case only the project examples:


shown in photo 3 were imported at MCUxpresso IDE


Unfortunately, when I proceed in the execution of A71CH API host example or Configuration tool example, the needed projects of ''frdmk64f_se_hostlib_examples_mainA71CH'' or ''xxx_se_hostlib_examples_vcomA71CH'' can not be found from the project explorer in the left side. and the error of ''Program File does not exist'' is displayed. Please see photo 4.


It seems that the SDK package that I download and install from 

(photo 5) does not include the needed project examples


Could you please provide me with some guidelines or suggestions for the reason that create this issue??

Is there an alternative in order to proceed in the examples of API Host and Configuration tool examples?


I thank you in advance for your time