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Getting HID Feature report for different Report IDs

Question asked by S S on Mar 19, 2019
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Getting HID Feature report for different Report IDs

For Generic HID (LPC4357 – using ROM USB stack) when we have a report without different report

ID, and the count for all three reports are 64,  In the HID_GetReport Handler has the following code to get the feature report

*pBuffer = feature_report;

 *plength = 64;

At the Host end We are able to successfully get the feature report.

Some where in out EP Handler we are calling

USBD_API->hw->WriteEP(hUsb, pHidCtrl->epin_adr, inbuffer, 64);


Now when we change our report structure with 3 different report ID (separate ID for Input, Output & Feature),  and also changed the count (Feature is still 64 but changed the Input to 8) the get report fails.

Any material about how to get Feature reports or explanation will be helpful.