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imx8 SDK IDE

Question asked by Daniel Mul on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Daniel Mul

Dear support community,

I am a second year bachelor student in electrical engineering, so I'm quite new to developing from scratch. I am currently researching how to enable the hs400 mode on the imx8 platform. I am programming from a windows machine.


I have downloaded the mcuXpresso SDK for the imx8m evaluation kit. For the last two weeks I have used the makefile form the SDK to form a binary file. Which I then uploaded on an SD-card and then loaded it with U-boot. The only way i currently know how to debug is over UART.

I saw on the forum that the SDK was not supported by the mcuXpresso IDE. Is there any IDE or tool that is recommended/supported by NXP that allows for debugging and programming the imx8 without U-boot?


Kind regards,