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Initialization file + USB TAP -> program exception 0x0700

Question asked by ducky cool on Jan 21, 2009
Latest reply on May 4, 2009 by ducky cool
Hi all,
    This is my steps below:
    Installed Codewarrior v8.8.
    Created a bare board project and selected my build target - MPC8544.
    Set my initialization file path in CW->Edit->debug version setting->EPPC debugger settings.
    Connected my board through USB TAP with my host PC.
    F7(Make), and F5(Debug).
    Then the USB TAP connection bar showed and finished the progress bar, and then it just stop in a windows, the text in the windows said something like" the excutable elf is running ...." but I didn't see
the "Welcome to Codewarrior" printed in the UART.

     So, I used debug->break to break the process, and it just go to a file and stop in __start.
     There is also a message show above that "program exception 0x0700" .......
     My question is that is anything wrong with my steps ? Did I miss something I should go through to get
     the "Welcome to CodeWarrior" ??

      If nothing I missed, the procedure is fine, then the second question is why the program exception
      in __start ?? Does it mean the board didn't initialize at all and just stop in the very beginning ?
      Any hint for me to go on to get the Welcome ??

      Thank you