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ABB: MKM34Z256 Comparator input impedance

Question asked by Petr Uhlir Employee on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Felipe García

Dear Colleagues,

our customer ABB wants to use MKM34 comparators in their application  And there is question they didn’t find the answer in the documents:

They want to use the three high speed comparator modules in the KM34Z256 to detect an overcurrent as fast as possible. (one for each phase). To connect our external circuit to the comparator input, they must know their input impedance. If the impedance of the comparator inputs is as low as the ADC inputs (some kOhm) than they must add separate impedance converter.
If the input is like a CMOS-Comparator (several MOhm) then the impedance converters are not needed.


Can you tell me the input impedance of the comparator inputs?


Thank you and kind regards,