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autocomplete doesn't always work

Question asked by Andrei Szeghy on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Andrei Szeghy


   This problem comes and goes, seems to fix itself under unknown circumstances, and seems to be getting more frequent the more code I put in this project.  It happens if I add a new define or structure outside of main.  For an example here is my struct definition of which I have added the last variable "tailLengthInTicks".

Notice the color (black) when I try and use it without autocomplete:

When I try and use autocomplete the new variable is not an option:

Yet, this code happily complies.


In the future sometime, this will no longer be an issue as it will resolve itself.  It's just a pain until I accidentally do something and the issue goes away.  This issue persists through saves and complies.  Anyone have any idea whats going on?


Any thoughts are much appreciated,