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Using USB controller via Cortex-M4 core on IMX8 processor?

Question asked by Mughees Chohan on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Mughees Chohan

I am porting USB Host driver for a proprietary RTOS on Cortex-M4 core of IMX8 processor. The problem is that the XHCI controller is unable to fetch transfer descriptors and transfer data if I keep them in DDR Alias Address 0x10000000. If I keep them in the OCRAM_S in 0x180000, it works. But this memory is severely limited to be of any practical use.


The driver worked fine for the A53 cores as the addresses were lying in the 0x40000000 region. The USB controller seems to have some problem fetching data and descriptors from 0x10000000 when running from M4. Is there any way I can overcome this? Note: I am using M4 core so 0x40000000 cannot be accessed from it.