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Need iMX6 fec driver for ksz8863 ethernet switch

Question asked by Naveen B on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by Bogdan Vacaliuc



I am working on ksz8863 ethernet swicth, which is connected to iMX6 processor on spi interface.

I am working on linux kernel 4.9 and I am looking for the fec driver which supports communicating with this switch. 

1. Is any fec driver designed to support this switch or similar micrel family?

2. Any suggestions that I can quickly do modifications in existing fec driver.

3. Microchip integrated the KSZ8863 chip with Atmel AT91 processor and there driver is on macb, EVB-KSZ9477/KSZ/kernels/linux-4.9.143 at master · Microchip-Ethernet/EVB-KSZ9477 · GitHub I am trying to port that driver to fec. But it's requires lot of efforts. Is it a correct approach?