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Current measurement using MM9Z1J638BM2EP Chip

Question asked by Anandathirtha R on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Anandathirtha R

In our custom board previously we got 400 mA in no load condition.Now we placed PCB very close to shunt and we are measuring around 80-90mA of no load current..In our hardware shunt leads are not exactly mounted to the PCB test points.Below we have attached the snap of our hardware.We are following KTRD9Z1-638-12VUG as reference. 

1.What is the minimum current which we can be measure through 100uOhms shunt

2.What is the effect of placing the PCB near to the shunt.

3.What happens if the shunt leads does not match PCB test points.

4.Can we measure 1mA or less in no load condition with our hardware .

Please suggest us to do any modification on our hardware to measure minimum current in no load condition.