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imx7d Yocto - Rocko - U-Boot ( nand ) appears stuck in factory boot mode even with boot bits set

Question asked by Edward Tyrrell on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by Edward Tyrrell

Hi All,


After bitbake fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs and plugging all the bits in to the mfg-tool downloader, u-boot never runs out of nand on my board. I have the usual UBOOT_CONFIG = "nand" in my local.conf and the mfg-tool builds OK. Flick the factory switch, press start, see all the UTP stuff flash past, mounts my board as a drive, flashes uboot, rootfs and kernel then finally sets the boot and other bits. Flick the switch back to run nothing. 


If I substitute uboot for one I built based on an imx7s ( warp7 with modified dtb ) it boots fine and runs although a bit clunky. The issue is NOT anything to do with the mfgtool flashing side as I know this very well, it's the actual uboot that's the problem when running the board normally with the factory switch in the correct position. 


There's not a single bit of debug that comes out of uboot at run time. What is very suspicious is that using the uboot that comes with the Yocto build I get my board coming up as an HID-compliant vendor-defined device as you would expect if the manufacturing switch was flicked! As mentioned before, keeping all the XML mgftool file the same, swapping out uboot for a imx7's one the board boots fine. I need the the correct uboot for the board however... 


Freescale's Community Yocto BSP

Kernel 4.9.88 - Rocko