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Problems connecting to CLEV6640B

Question asked by Fredrik Jagenheim on Mar 18, 2019
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I have problems connecting to my CLEV6640B board. It used to work, but no longer. Not sure what has happened with it since, it asked me about firmware updates when connecting it to NXP NFC Cockpit which I gave it and now it no longer wants to talk with the application.


The following is printed in the application when I connect to the port:

[2019.03.18 16:12:15]:INFO:ServiceFactory:Generating Services for VCOM_RC663 @\\.\COM13
[2019.03.18 16:12:16]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:halRc663.ApplyProtocolSettings() Failed. Status=HAL,BUFFER_OVERFLOW
[2019.03.18 16:12:16]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:m_bal.SetConfig(HalHwType,RC663) failed. Status=HAL,BUFFER_OVERFLOW
[2019.03.18 16:12:16]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:generateServices(VCOM_RC663 @\\.\COM13) Failed with HAL,BUFFER_OVERFLOW
[2019.03.18 16:12:16]:INFO:ServiceFactory:uC FW Version: NNC_uC_VCOM_03.04.00_20180420 (Compiled on Apr 20 2018 19:05:55)
[2019.03.18 16:12:16]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:SelectBalHalOsal(selected_board) Failed with HAL,BUFFER_OVERFLOW


When connecting a scope on the SPI lines between the LPC and the CLRC663, it seems that he CLRC663 is communicating with the LPC. I did not decode the communication however to make sure the commands made sense.


I reflashed the LPC code using the firmware BootLoader_And_Nfcrdlib_SimplifiedAPI_EMVCo_Secondary.bin from NXP NFC Cockpit v4.8.0 but it did not help.


I verified that NXP NFC Cockpit v4.8.0 could communicate with a card (thus ruling out issues with the USB drivers) using another CLEV6640B board and it worked without any problems.


This leaves the CLRC663 as a possible failure source. Is there any way I can reprogram the CLRC663 if this is the case?