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Question asked by Grzegorz Mikitiuk on Mar 18, 2019
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I'm struggling with USB vcom example for quite a lot of time, it worked me when i used exactly the same chip as on FRDM-K22F board which is MK22FN512VLH12, but i decided to switch to little cheaper microcontroller to save some money but example is no longer working.


I did some changes in example to run on my custom boards(using internal clocks) and it  works just fine on my custom board with MK22FN512 but when i load it to MK22FN128 it no longer works . Could u please point me in the right direction or tell me another solution how to add simple vcom to my application? 


Also this driver takes 18Kb of RAM  and MK22FN128 got 24kb but it's split into 16kb and 8kb so probably i need to change some things to make this work?


Memory settings


I setup memory as shown above but it ends up with an error:


Is it safe to reduce heapsize from 0x2000 to 0x1200 using this application or it will cause problems?




Oh and i forgot that i can't change clocks using clock tool in examples when changing mcu, because it wants to overwrite previous common drivers, after that operation example no longer compiles, any solution to that? 

Thanks for any help