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Question asked by Keith Smith on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Daniel Chen

I am using an MK22FN1M0A. When I read from register SIM_FCFG1, it reports that 4K of EEPROM is available, but 0K of NVRAM.


However, the reference manual, K22P144M120SF5V2RM.pdf, specifies that the MK22FN1M0A, in chapter 2.3, Orderable Parts, does not have EEPROM. It does have 4K of FlexRAM.


I understand to access EEPROM on the Kinetis series, one must have FlexNVM available, but FlexRAM can be used as high-endurance EEPROM.


My questions are:


1- What is 'high-endurance EEPROM'?


2-Am I correct that Data Flash IFR 0x03FD:EESIZE specifies how much FlexRAM is used as EEPROM? []


3-Are there any SDK examples on configuring and using the EEPROM feature of FlexRAM?