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Yocto Thud Build and Load issues for the LS2088ARDB

Question asked by Dennis Collins on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Pavel Chubakov

I have an ls2088ardb development system. I am trying to make a build using yocto Thud, to load on the development system. I have also used qoriq_sdk_v2.0 with the SDK-V2.0-1703 update. So I have a couple of questions to get yocto Thud building images that will load on the ls2088ardb.


1) In qoriq_sdk_v2.0 with the SDK-V2.0-1703 update, I see a number of images in the meta-freescale layer, notably which produces the FIT file. The only fsl image that I see in all of the recipes is fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs. In subsequent versions of meta-freescale, these image recipes do not exist. Is there another layer that I need to obtain to get these image recipes?

2) The FIT file in yocto Thud (and actually Morty up) is generated by inheriting the kernel-itbimage.bbclass. This FIT image only includes the kernel and device tree (from what I can see). The FIT file from qoriq_sdk_v2.0 is generated by the recipe, which contains a kernel, device tree and rootfs. I have tried to move the recipe over to yocto Thud, but this recipe had errors building an image and seemed incompatible. Given the differences, is the FIT file from yocto Thud a file that can be used to boot the ls2088ardb? If the Thud FIT file can be used, what is the best way to load a rootfs to the system (say the hard drive) and get it to boot?


3) I see a file list out of deployment files out of qoriq_sdk_v2.0 with the SDK-V2.0-1703 update that includes a number of firmware files, u-boot, rootfs and the main loadable FIT file. In yocto Thud, the deployable image names have been changed a bit but I can find most files but the ppa.itb is not generated. 


4) See the atf recipe in meta-freescale master branch but not in the thud branch. The conf/machine/ls2088ardb.conf removed ppa and added atf from the EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS. Does aft replace ppa? Why is atf in master but not in thud? Yocto thud for the ls2088ardb will not build without atf since it is an image depend.


5) Does all of this mean that the upcoming Yocto branch will have all of the required elements to build for the ls2088ardb and also the lx2160ardb??