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Out Of Band Commissioning in Thread FRDM KW41Z

Question asked by Kunal Kotecha on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Hi All,


I want to use Out of Band Commissioning for NXP's Thread based FRDM KW41Z. I have followed the application guide and able to use the hybrid example (BLE + REED) as OOB method.


Currently, I am using the only master-key for OOB method. However, I would also like to use xpanID and network name for making the process more secure.


I went through the code and found "APP_OutOfBandSelectNwkWithBeaconCb" API for user to write required logic for the same. But, I don't know how to use this API and register the same to be called by thread stack.


Can anyone please help me on how to add xpanID and network key for OOB??


FRDM version:

a) BLE HOST v1.2.6
b) IEEE 802.15.4 MAC v5.3.6
c) NXP Thread v1.1.1.20

e) Thread SDK: SDK_2.2.0_FRDM-KW41Z_LINUX