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Set two sound cards to the same SAI (Linux 4.9 iMX6UL)

Question asked by Stefano Zuin Castillo on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Stefano Zuin Castillo

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to update from Linux 4.1 (Yocto Krogoth) to 4.9 (Yocto Sumo) using a iMX6UL. Everything is working fine but I'm not able to use a DAC and ADC both connected to SAI1. In Linux 4.1 there was no problem. Unfortunately in 4.9 a got this message "Trying to bind component to card X but is already bound to card Y", just DAC card is declared after that and works fine using GStreamer or ALSA. Then, I patched soc-core.c to avoid launch this error and both cards finally appear in the list of declared sound cards. But now, when I try to play a sine using GStreamer, I get message "Setting pipeline to PAUSED ..." and cannot kill the process...


I was wondering if with the current kernel drivers is possible to define more than one sound card for the same sai.