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Project without SDK in MCUExpresso

Question asked by miroslavmartisek on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Daniel Chen



I have been interested in Kinetis MCUs for many years. In my opinion these micros are very well designed, but little bit more complicated to use (in comparison with PIC24 family), so I like MCUExpresso as well as appropriate SDK due to simplification of development cycle.

However, DSK is very memory-consuming and generates relatively slowly code.

Also, is there any convenient possibility to develop any application in MCUExpresso without SDK? Simply said: choose a MCU, include CMSIS and start-up files and after that start to program. Mentioned way works perfectly in Attolic Studio amd STM32.

Surely, I can perform MCUXpresso IDE empty project, but in preinstalled MCUs there is not a single one from Kinetis family. OK, I can use generic Cortex and type it manually, but is very discomfortable...


Thank you very much for your replies.