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Issues with S32k146 EVB Lin Communication

Question asked by Raphael Sommer on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Hung Nguyen Phi

Hello everyone,


I am using the S32k146 EVB I am using the Example "lin_master_s32k146" from the  "S32K1xx RTM SDK v3.0.0 Example Projects". For monitoring Vector is being used, to see the traces of the communication.

Now I want to "modify" this example code to send out a diagnostic session Command.

I am not able to do this, i tried several things. 
In the Example the 2 Buttons are used to enter deep sleep and wake up again. 
I want to use these buttons to send out different diagnostic session commands. 
(I think this is the easiest way to understand the diagnostic session)

A easy example on how to use these Lin commands would be great.

Or how do I have to modify the Code to send out these diagnostic session commands?


PS: Attached is the "Lin_master_s32k146" without any changes