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gmake problem with rtwshared.lib using NXP MBD Toolbox for S32k

Question asked by Nicolas Salazar on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Constantin Razvan Chivu

Dear community,


I'm using NXP Model Based Design Toolbox for S32K to generate code from a model that contains Stateflow charts, Simulink functions, Matlab functions, and CAN blocks from the Vehicle Network Toolbox. 


When building the model, the code is generated but the executable file is not created because gmake cannot find a rule to make target '\_sharedutils\rtwshared.lib', which is needed by my model's .elf file.


My guess is that there may be some limitation in NXP's mbd_s32k14.tmf or mbd_s32k14.tlc files for building the code generated from certain Simulink blocks. If this is the case, can you explain in detail what are NXP's Toolbox limitations?


I greatly appreciate any lead on solving this error.


Thank you!