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Advices on adapted solution: video encoder

Question asked by raptor8 on Mar 14, 2019
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I'm looking for a solution to a new product that we want to develop but we don't have much experience with ARM and SoC so maybe someone from the community can help to find the right product.

Our product consists basically of taking video from an image sensor, compressing it and stream it through an Ethernet link.

The requirements are:

  • Low power (hardware video encoder preferred)
  • Low bitrate video (1000-100 kbit/s)
  • Fast frame rate (60 fps)
  • Possibility to use/develop the system with different models of image sensors (not tied to 2 image sensors models like a RPi)
  • Documentation easily accessible
  • Parts available and open source hardware/schematics to make a customized board easily
  • Development kit with an image sensor to come with a proof of concept quickly (community boards or official dev kit)
  • Preferably great reliability and temperature range (Automotive)
  • Long term support


As I found out, the i.mx6 or i.mx8 seems to be some candidates for this task.

Thank you in advance for your time