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NMI handler

Question asked by Andrei Szeghy on Mar 14, 2019
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  I'm using an LPC1769 MCU and have pin P2[10] configured as an external interrupt.  I knew this pin was also the Non-Maskable Interrupt, but at the time I was sure that this pin would never be asserted during reset.  Well, of course, come to find out that on rare occasions this pin is triggered, and stays triggered,  when the MCU resets. So the code winds up locked in the NMI handler.


  I am not using the NIM otherwise and the handler currently looks like this:

void NMI_Handler(void)
    while(1) {}

  Is there anything I can do in the handler to manage the occasions when the MCU reset's with the NMI asserted?


Thanks, any info is greatly appreciated,