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LCD interfacing with ARM cortex M0+ lpc845

Question asked by on Mar 13, 2019
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I'm trying to interface 8x2 lcd using parallel interfacing[4 bit mode], Display used - 8x2 lcd [PC 0802--A] ST7066U--Dot Matrix LCD Controller/Driver

Since i'm trying to interface using GPIO pins, not using I2C or SPI interface, and since no drivers are there for this particular MCU[LPC845], I compared with lpc2148 MCU [lcd.c and lcd.h files], and have made the changes, but not able to write to the display.

And when checked the data/command signals in the oscilloscope, in data pins I'm getting float voltages[i.e., for d4-D7] LOW signal on this pins, and high signals on command pins[RS,RW,EN].

Kindly suggest me the process of writing the char/string to the display varies for ARM mcu?as i'm referring lpc2148 libraries.


Thank you