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Unable to access upper 256KB of Flash on MK22FN1M0A MCU

Question asked by Keith Smith on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Keith Smith

I have an MK22FN1M0A MCU, Rev ID:9, Die ID:6


I can read Flash addresses 0x00000-0xBFFFF. When I read 0xC0000, I receive a hardware fault.


The bits  FCFG1:PFSIZE state the MCU supports 1MB of Flash.


What do I do to access the upper last 1/4 MB of Flash?


Also the bits FCFG1:EESIZE state the MCU supports 4K of EEPROM. I have not found a datasheet that states the 1MB flash and 4K of EEPROM are available in the same MCU.


Have I missed a proper configuration?