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About WALAT Setting in MDMISC Register

Question asked by Masaki Hayakawa on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Yuri Muhin
We want to know whether WALAT in MDMISC is set to 1 or 0.
We executed calibration using ddr_stress_tester_v3.00, and the tool displayed the following message.
WARNING: write-leveling calibration value is greater than 1/8 CK.
 Per the reference manual, WALAT must be set to 1 in the register MDMISC(0x021B0018).
 This has been performed automatically.
 However, in addition to updating the calibration values in your DDR initialization,
 it is also REQUIRED change the value of MDMISC in their DDR initialization as follows:
    MMDC_MDMISC (0x021b0018) =  0x00011740
So we set WALAT to 1, but our system was haugup.
We set WALAT to 0, and our system was not hangup.
Please tell me your recommend setting.
Processor of our system board is i.MX6Dual.
Best Regards.