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LPC 546xx - Possible to keep GPIO State and Config during Reset?

Question asked by Kevin Gomes on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by soledad

We are using the LPC 54618 microcontroller in a system to power on/off other devices using the microcontrollers GPIO Pins.


To update the LPC we reset it. During reset the GPIO Pins reset to default settings(Input with Pull-Up resistor) like it is specified in the User Manual(UM10912).


Some devices that need to stay powered on during reset are wired in a way that those devices stay powered on during reset but as soon as we re-enter the GPIO configuration the Output glitches and the connected device turns off. Even if we set the correct GPIO state right after or even before.

If we don't configure GPIO the device off course stays powered on but at some time we need to configure GPIO again.


Is there a way to completely keep the GPIO Configuration and State of the Outputs during and after reset?


Or do we have to look for a hardware solution?


I hope someone can help. Tell me if you need further information.