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Debugger Losing Connection, Symbols, or... ?

Question asked by Matt Schrader on Mar 12, 2019
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I've been working with MCUXpresso for a while now, and this problem has been a recurring one... Occasionally when debugging, the target is flashed successfully, but then the debugger looses connection or otherwise does not know what is going on. I see something like the attached screenshot. This is happening on my custom hardware as well as the development board OM13092 (LPC54608).


Until recently, I was primarily using the LPC-Link 2 with the CMSIS-DAP probe firmware. Recently, I decided to try changing to SEGGER J-Link. This problem occurs with both.


The most fustrating thing is that this behavior seems to be random. It is usually fixed by some combination of:

  1.    Power cycle LPC-Link 2
  2.    Power cycle Target
  3.    Run "Clean Up Debug" in MCUXpresso IDE
  4.    Close MCUXpresso IDE


Currently using MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.0


I'll also point out here that I recently found and followed the guidance provided in this article on thread-aware FreeRTOS debugging:

Troubleshooting Tips for FreeRTOS Thread Aware Debugging in Eclipse | MCU on Eclipse