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Unused IRQ Pin Termination - MC9S08AW32

Discussion created by Lou Calkins on Jan 20, 2009
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I am using an MC9S08AW32 processor and I will not be using the IRQ function.  I need to know how to terminate the unused pin.  The literature is a bit confusing in that it describes that an "optional" internal pull-up or pull-down resistor can be used.  It says, "when this [IRQPE] bit is set, either an internal pull-up or an internal pull-down resistor is enabled depending on the state of the IRQEDG bit."  Does that mean when IRQPE = 0 there is no internal resistor selected?
I just need to know whether to pull the pin low externally or not.  I guess I could just do that, but I was not sure if an internal resistor was also active.  Suggestions?  Thanks.
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