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Deffered callback manager

Question asked by andy tsybezoff on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by andy tsybezoff

Hi to all
I develop Deffered callback manager at P1010. DCM is designed to handle low priority task queues. Deffered callback manager is started by asynchronous low-priority interrupt (PRIORITY_1 = 0x10000), but asynchronous high-priority interrupts are not processed, for example INT_UART (PRIORITY_4 = 0x40000), INT_TSEC (PRIORITY_3 = 0x30000) and INT_TIMERS (PRIORITY_2 = 0x20000).
So how to preempt a job DCM to begin processing the high-priority asynchronous interrupts???
Is it possible to preempt the current task execution with a higher priority event at P1010???