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MPC5675K - How to reset FCCU Safe Mode request

Question asked by Lorenzo Conti on Mar 12, 2019

In my application I let the SWT expire. It causes a restart from first flash vaid boot sector. I trapped the fetch at 0x00000020 and I see in MC_ME: S_CURRENT_MODE=SAFE, IS.I_SAFE=1, DMTS.SMR=1; bits set in MC_RGM: FES.F_FCCU_SAFE, F_FCCU_HARD, F_SWT. In FCCU, after a command [OP3] to get the state, I observe: STAT=FAULT and nothing set in CFS0, CFS1, NCFS0.

I cannot move ME from SAFE to DRUN until I reset pending I_SAFE, but SMR tells me that I cannot do that until I reset RGM.FES, but FES.F_FCCU_SAFE is stucked to 1 and I cannot reset it until (I presume) I remove the root cause in the FCCU. But how can I do that? And why I have no evidence of the origin in the FCCU?


(Side note: at this point I can only cause an external reset via JTAG, and see FCCU going back to NORMAL and then I can clear all the interrupt chain up to MC_ME and moving from SAFE to DRUN)


Thank you