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Where is the main()?

Question asked by Dirk van Grunsven on Mar 12, 2019
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I'm new in programming the JN5168. The main goal is to build a Phillips Hue light buld with the JN5168 but the AN is very confusing.


To get a grip of the microprocessor and code of the JN5168 I am trying to get a blinky application to run. The problem is that i can't find any sort of main(). I know the AN is a RTOS so it mimics multitasking. but to start this it had to start somewhere.

I have searched for zps_eAplZdoStartStack() in the AN but that reffers to .libs instead of normal C code. Is there something i am missing or is there someone who can give me a tip in where to look?


my configuration:

Hardware: JN5168-001-M00Z






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