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code warrior supports NXP LS1021A TSN

Question asked by sushma ram on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by 贺 纪

We are working with NXP Ls1021A TSN PA board. 


Could you please clarify us on the below info: 


1.we have Installed Code Warrior Development Suite -Evaluation Module 10.0.9 for Qorlq LS series ARMV7 ISA and tried to create a new project by selecting the LS1021A and in further steps we are able to see the options to Select like LS1021A TWR , LS1021A IOT but not the LS1021A TSN. 


2. Could you please let us know whether the code warrior development suite mentioned above will support the LS1021A TSN ? 


4. If not which Code Warrior Development Suite version will support the LS1021A TSN.