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S32k144 LPSPI2 SPI Pal Processor expert

Question asked by Sebastiaan Verhoek on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Diana Batrlova

Hello everyone,


I am trying to use the processor expert spi pal to initialize a slave spi instance on the LPSPI2 pins. 

When doing this, however, the code gets stuck on the:


SPI_SlaveInit(SPI_OVER_LPSPI02_INSTANCE, &SlaveConfig0);



More specifically on the:

status = LPSPI_DRV_SlaveInit(instance, (lpspi_state_t*)(&LpspiState[index]), &lpspiConfig);

fucntion of spi_pal.c and 


(void)LPSPI_SetMasterSlaveMode(base, LPSPI_SLAVE);

of lpspi_slave_driver.c.


Afterwhich the WDOG_EWM_IRQHandler() is called.


This happens for all projects I create and also the basic spi_pal_s32k144 example project where the spi2 component is changed to LPSPI2 and in the SPI_SlaveInit the instance is changed to "SPI_OVER_LPSPI02_INSTANCE". See modification steps from the images below. LPSPI0 and LPSPI1 are working fine.


Is this a bug in the Processor Expert code or am I doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards,