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Sony IMX224 to h264 example fails

Question asked by Nick Butts on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by namsu kang

I am using R2018.1 release. I've created an example project from the isp_sonyimx224_h264enc demo. I made no changes to the project. I compiled it, download it to the target, and tried to run it. 

I get the following results:


root@s32v234sbc:/home# ./s32ds_isp_sonyimx224_h264enc.elf

** H264 encoder demo
** Description:
** o Sony imx224 camera (on MipiCsi_0) expected as image input.
** o ISP generates histogram for AEC, converts pixel format from
** RGB to YUV420 and trigers H264 encoding.
** o H264Encoded stream data are located in SRAM.
** Usage:
** o 1 parameter: number of frames to be captured and encoded.
** o no params => 200 frames will be captured and encoded.
** 200 frames will be encoded.

Press Ctrl+C to terminate the demo.
[ 1952.368371] /ssd/.jenkins_home/workspace/alb_package/vsdk_installation/s32v234_sdk/libs/isp/sequencer/kernel/build-v234ce-gnu-linux-d/../src/seq_func.c: 1534/SEQ_DRV_MsgSend : [Error]: FAILED to send the message.
[ 2238.988513] Probing I2c client @ 0x1a on I2C bus #0.
[ 2239.012171] Generic camera I2c driver added successfully.
VMAX = 745, Lines = 729, OB = 2
Framebuffer mapped at 0x7fa5309000.
../src/sdi.cpp: 1641/SeqEventHandler : [Error]: *** Other error message received.
../src/sdi.cpp: 1642/SeqEventHandler : [Error]: *** Sequencer error text:
../src/sdi.cpp: 1650/SeqEventHandler : [Error]: FDMA queue full
../../../../../libs/isp/sequencer/user/src/seq_user.cpp: 1040/SEQ_GraphStop : [Error]: Graph STOP failed: -1
../src/sdi.cpp: 1234/Stop : [Error]: Failed to stop the grabbing sequence.
Failed to stop grabber.
Demo execution failed.

Why do the example projects not work? Is there a new release that fixes this issue?