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S32k148: IPv6 ping not working in project example lwIP s32k148

Question asked by saad saeed on Mar 11, 2019
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Dear All,

I am using using S32K148 board and the IDE I am using is S32 design studio. I am running the example project by name of lwip_s32k148. The problem is I have assigned link local address and also enabled IPv6 auto configuration. I have done nothing but enabling the macro #define LWIP_IPV6  to 1. Enabling this macro to 1 causes the block in function enetif_init() present in test.c to enable. The only thing I have added in this code is netif.ip6_autoconfig_enabled=1. Rest is the same.
netif_create_ip6_linklocal_address(&netif, 1);
printf("ip6 linklocal address: ");
ip6_addr_debug_print(0xFFFFFFFFU & ~LWIP_DBG_HALT, netif_ip6_addr(&netif, 0));
#endif /* LWIP_IPV6 */
Now, when I debug the program on my s32k148 board. Every thing goes fine. I can see the IPv4 address i.e assigned to my board. I can also ping this IP address  Below is the image 
But when I try to ping the IPv6 address which I can see by checking my laptops IPv6 neighbors since  my laptop and the s32k148 nodes are on the same network. I can see the IPv6 address 2001:db8:aaaa:b:12:13ff:fe10:1513 (I can see that by checking the network part , first 64 bits which is (2001:db8:aaaa:b) and the host part which is created using the physical address of the board which is 02-12-13-10-15-13) of the node but in Physical Address  and Type we see its unreachable.
Kindly tell me what I am doing wrong here. I would be grateful to you.
Kind Regards,
NOTE: I have assigned IPv6 address on FRDM k64 node with lwIP 2.0.2 (This is the same version which is present in s32 Design Studio ). The IPv6 was assigned successfully and I was able to ping the node. Following is the screen shot.