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How to driver PCA9541A/01?

Question asked by kaka zhuo on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by kaka zhuo

I use "PCA9541APW/01,118" as the I2C master selector.

Question: I can't change the channel from 0 to 1, how to drive it?



1. after power on, the channel 0  works successful.

2. reading the control register(01h), the response value is 0x04.

3. sending command to let channel 0 give up the control, write 0x05 to 01h(control), the response value is correct.(0x05).

channel 0 is not working well, channel 1 can't work either.

use the OSC to capture the waveform, channel 1 send NACK for the slave address.


Could you kindly point out where is wrong? and give out the right process when need to exchange the channel.