George Pontis

Debug issues with custom RT1062 HW, MCUXpresso 10.3.1

Discussion created by George Pontis on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

My custom hardware built around a RT1062 doesn't have HyperFlash, so development is currently limited to running from RAM. The board also does not have an USB debug adapter, only a 20 pin Cortex debug+trace connection. I have had various different issues with connecting debug probes.


A Segger JLink Ultra+ seems to work in most cases, but does not connect in JTAG mode, only SWD. It starts up quickly and feels very responsive. I previously reported that I had trouble running the demo apps when linked to RAM. Victor reported that in his experience it was related to the JLink, as the was no problem when using on the board debug circuits of the demo board, or other probes including the LPC-Link2.


I purchased a LPC-Link2 to try. It will not connect if BOOT_MODE[1] is pulled up at startup. This is my default configuration since the board's flash is on LPSPI3. I am attaching an screen shot showing the error message. If possible, the startup scripts should handle either situation and ensure that the debug environment is consistent.


The LPC-Link2 does connect if BOOT_MODE[1:0] are left to default or grounded, but does not operate reliably with my hardware. For example, I load an app and it runs to a breakpoint. It fails if I try to step with "16: Target error message from status-poll". I would like to try it with a demo board but only have the 1050 EVKB, which does not have a Cortex debug connector for the 1050.


Going back to the JLink, I noticed that the installation of MCUXpress 10.3.1 seems to have silently installed a newer version of the JLink software package, 6.42b. Is there any documentation on the reason for this ?


What are you others doing for debug probes on custom hardware ?