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Are you still able to get K64 CPUs for production

Question asked by joe hinkle on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Brendon Slade

I have been designing with Motorola/Freescale micros for over 40 years.


I was concerned when NXP purchased Freescale as to what was going to happen with the Kinetis line.


I have several product that use K64 and KL17 micros.  Last year (2018) availability was sparse and prices were higher than expected.


Then NXP went up for sale -- and this year (2019) it appears availability is even worse and still higher than expected prices.


Has anyone else experienced this?


I have started to move all new product designs to STM32F4 micros.  They are half the price of the K64 and 180mhz vs 120mhz for the K64.


Any comments welcomed.