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PCA9745B  Step time control registers, possible error in datasheet?

Question asked by Vladimir Khorkov on Mar 10, 2019



Please explain to me what was meant and whether there is an error here:



page 15, table 13, STEP_TIME_GRP0 to STEP_TIME_GRP3, step time control registers

It follows from the table that for the STEP_TIME_GRP0 register, the seventh bit is reserved (!) And thus we cannot control the step time (rise / fall) for a group of zero?


Perhaps this is a document layout error?


Maybe there should be such a distribution of bits for the registers indicated in Table 13:

0x29 STEP_TIME_GRP0 bit 7
0x2d STEP_TIME_GRP1 bit 7
0x31 STEP_TIME_GRP2 bit 6
0x35 STEP_TIME_GRP3 bit 6


How really should be?