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MPC574xR ADC PAL configuration (Processor expert s32 design studio)

Question asked by Raghu Rajappa on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by Raghu Rajappa

I am using the S32 Design studio's Processor expert to configure the ADC PAL. In this I cannot configure anything but ADC0. The processor expert always says "implicitly uses ADC0, ADC1, ADC2 and ADC3" but after generation, only ADC0 pal is generated (adc_pal1.c). I cannot configure any other ADC. Is there a reason or it's just a bug in the processor expert?? I also cannot un-do the use of BCTU. 


Could you please help me configure another ADC instance other than ADC0? If yes, how? 

Also what is the purpose of BCTU if I intend to use SW triggered ADC?