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[SOLVED] Kinetis K12 Periodic DMA Triggering

Question asked by Daniel Berhe on Mar 8, 2019



I am trying to use DMA in periodic trigger mode to transfer data from memory to the PDOR register of a port. I've set the source to one of the always-on slots. My expectation is that a minor loop (a byte in my case) transaction would be carried out every time the PIT timer interrupt happens. However, when PIT interrupt fires, all my data (until major loop is completed) is being written to the PDOR without any throttling. What I'm trying to do should be possible according to section 20.4.3 of the reference manual. Could you please point me in the right direction, maybe provide me with an example project that I can use as a reference?


I'm using MK12DX128VLF5 on a custom board. I'm using PIT channel 0 with DMA channel 0. 


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