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ProcessorExpert enables cloking of modules I'm not interested in

Question asked by Maksim Salau on Mar 6, 2019
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I've updated my project to SDK 3.0.0 RTM (my target MCU is S32DS142) and now I see a neat feature of ProcessorExpert: it enables clocks for modules one has added drivers for. Possibly the feature was introduces earlier, but I switched from 0.8.6 so this looks new to me


The downside of such behavior is that PE enables clocks for all modules of the same type even if a driver is added only for one.


E.g.: I've added 3 timers (FTM0, FTM2 and FTM3), 1 ADC (ADC0), 1 UART (LPUART0). I make no use of FTM1, ADC1 and LPUART1, but PE keeps enabling them in clock manager on every rebuild!


So here is the question: Is there a way to prevent PE from enabling unused modules?


BTW, PDB is implicitly used by ADC, and firmware crashes if appropriate PDB is not clocked, but PE is not aware of this dependency (i.e. it doesn't enable clocking of PDB, but enable clocking of ADC when the driver or PAL is added).